The worst! Ok maybe not the worst. I’ve definitely woken up in worse situations than just seeing a few unexplained bruises, but it still sucks. It was hard to explain them when I had no idea how they got there. When I did know it wasn’t much better. Oh that? I bumped into a door. I think people have heard that one before 🙄. I woke up one day for work with my face stuck to my pillow with blood. I still have a scar on my chin, should’ve gotten stitches I’m sure, but I went about my day. The most telling thing about that? Not one person asked me what happened. Either a) they knew it was from drinking and they were sick of my flimsy excuses or b) they didn’t want to engage with me because I was such a mess. Either way it wasn’t a great place to be. A friend of mine celebrated her husband’s 30th birthday a few years ago and told me that when she woke up after the party she thought she was being punk’d. Her husband was lying in a pool of blood with his two front teeth knocked out. He had fallen so hard and was so wasted that he didn’t even brace for it. Not a cute little anecdote to tell anyone. Today I can wake up and know exactly was I’d done the night before. At least until my dementia kicks in. Happy Sunday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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