When we went #alcoholfree we needed to adjust what we did and who we did it with. I never went anywhere alcohol wasn’t being served when I was still drinking. What would be the point? I thought sober people were boring and heaven forbid I be a bore! Alcohol was running the show, at least my role. I had a puppet master and he knew exactly how to pull my strings. I realized, finally, that alcohol didn’t make me fun. It actually made me the opposite. I was always too hungover to do anything that involved more than drinking. The party had to stop but now I know it’s just begun. Yes I had great times when I drank. The horrific times FAR outweighed the good, though. Farrrrrrr outweighed. It takes a smidgen of confidence to tell people that I don’t drink. I typically say I’ve had enough for everyone and then some in my day so no thanks. People are cool about it. At least the ones I choose to spend time with. The healing happens. Time, self-love, and perseverance are all miracle workers. Happy Friday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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