With friends like that…

Someone recently asked me if I had any friends when I was drinking. She’s heard my story and couldn’t fathom how people would still choose to spend time with me during those toxic years. I told her that it must have been my sparkling personality that kept them around. It certainly wasn’t because I showed up for people. How could I? I didn’t even show up for myself. I was either drunk, recovering from being drunk, or planning my next drunk. My friends cared enough to hold an intervention for me, knowing that I’d be beyond PISSED. They took the risk and I’m forever grateful. The “friends” I partied with? They’re not around. Well, I’m sure they’re around the bars having the exact same conversations they had with me years ago. Planning their next big business venture that never goes further than that drunken planning stage. My sister and I have true friends in sobriety today. They’re people who will pick up the phone at 3 am if we need them. They show the fuck up. I know I’ve hurt friends in the past. I’ve ruined weddings, events, and holidays. One thing I know to be true now is that people are forgiving. It’s imperative to forgive ourselves. Cheers to friends, old and new. We raise our sparkling waters to you. Happy Saturday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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