Do i offend?

I don’t miss the days that I’d go to work and worry the entire time about stinking of wine. It didn’t matter if I showered, brushed my teeth, or covered myself in an ocean themed body spray. Being the professional drinker that I was, I had gum and eye drops at the ready at all times. Didn’t help. A guy I met in rehab said he used to suck in his breath when he talked to his boss in hopes of hiding the liquor smell. People knew anyway. I can spot a problem drinker now from 50 paces. The reason why? They look like I did. Puffy red face, bloodshot eyes, and if I’m being honest, no glow. No sparkle, no shine, no happy. I was in court years ago for child support and could smell the booze oozing from my skin. Since I was hungover, I was also anxious af and the panic attack that day was one for the books. I don’t reek anymore, at least I hope not 🤣😬😂 but if I do, it’s not alcohol that I reek of. Alcohol free life is living. Happy Wednesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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