A lot of us seem to be guys girls. We could hang with the guys and often out drink them. I preferred spending time with men. I used to say it was because they shied away from drama. I was so ignorant. First of all, obviously not all men are alike. Secondly, obviously all women don’t thrive on drama. Now I know that when I partied I hung out with the people who avoid confrontation and wouldn’t call me out on my drunken choices and behaviors. To have a sisterhood of women gliding through this alcohol free world is priceless. I could ALWAYS count on my biological sister. I never knew I could count on so many others who have walked, skipped, or crawled through exactly what I am. We don’t have to be “low bottom” drunks. We don’t have to be trained in theories about alcohol use disorder. We can be an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on. We can dry your tears of happiness or sadness. My sis and I now have family all over the world. We may not have the same blood in our veins but we’ve walked the same paths. Thanks for being there for us, sisters, and happy Wednesday! Keep it simple today.

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