I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. One of my “defects” is being stubborn. Like I will stick to what I think is right no matter what. It was a huge detriment when I was still in the cups, as I told myself I can drink what I want, when I want and no one can tell me differently. Now I use it as an asset. You don’t think I can quit? Watch me. I can’t ride out this trigger? Well, I can’t change my sobriety date so I will ride it out, call my sis, hit a meeting, read some quit lit. Our family knows perseverance. And pride. I loaned my lawn edger to my boyfriend yesterday (or should I say beau @leslienc813 🤣) and he said that it was kind of hard to edge the lawn and he asked how I did it – he has seen me try and fail at a pull up- and I said, “oh idfk- I just stubborn my way through Bc it’s always worth it”. And that is all I need to remember today. I don’t want a drink today. I hope not to want one tomorrow but tomorrow isn’t here yet and yesterday is gone. Happy Monday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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