We are thinking of and grateful for the loved ones who have been lost while they were in the armed forces. It’s embarrassing to admit this but when I was drinking, I never thought about Memorial Day as anything other than a day off work. The self-centeredness of this alkie was despicable. If it doesn’t affect me then it’s not important. Well…everything I do causes a ripple. It’s best if that ripple is a positive one. I’m done spreading stories, passing judgment, and not following the Golden Rule. Four years ago was my last Memorial Day that I was still drinking. I drank at the beach all day with friends (in front of our kids), drove to a cookout drunk, and had to get a ride home…only to pick up my car at 5:30 am for work the next day. Sound awful? I think so too. Today I’ll pass on that beer, shame, remorse, and regret. Life’s too beautiful on this side. Happy Monday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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