LiVing my best life

I couldn’t quit for anyone but me. No threats, tears, or ultimatums could make me stop. It took every last drink I swallowed to get me to complete surrender. Do I have regrets? Well, I’m definitely not proud of who I’d become. I didn’t consciously set out to hurt anyone. I’ve made my amends and moved on. If I only focus on the bad, the bad gets worse. Today my sister and I focus on what’s good. It helps that we’re not in the grips of alcohol anymore. The alcohol industry makes BILLIONS of dollars a year. They don’t need my money to be successful. Now that we’ve been sober a minute we can see just how pervasive alcohol is in our society. Wanna look hot? Put on heels and have a mixed drink. Wanna be a fun mom? Oh great! Here’s some mommy wine culture swag. It would be nice to get that kind of publicity for sobriety, wouldn’t it? Maybe one day. As long as I go to bed sober tonight, I’ll wake up with no regrets. Happy Thursday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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