Give yoUrself a chance

When my son was four I saw him in a knock down, drag out fistfight on the beach with his friend. I ran over to them and asked why they were fighting. My son said that he was trying to throw a washed up jellyfish back into the ocean and his friend said not to and that the jelly was already dead. My son looked at us with tears in his eyes and said, “well we still need to give him a CHANCE”. I agreed and maybe that jellyfish is still around, stinging his little heart out. My sister and I had to give ourselves a chance to really, completely, solidly stop drinking. We couldn’t make any decisions that made sense when our minds, bodies, and spirits were tainted by and immersed in alcohol and its culture. And after a few 24 hours we know that being alcohol free is the only choice for us. Without sobriety, we don’t stand a chance. Happy Wednesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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