Don’t show me the evidence

I was recently asked how I still had anyone left around me when I was a full-blown fall-down drunk. She said it sounded like I had kind of burned all my bridges with the choices I’d made. I told her that people found it too hard to say goodbye to my sparkling personality. 🤨🙄 The truth is that I am lucky. My family and friends didn’t give up on me. The support I got when I quit was undeserved but necessary. I am, like countless other drinkers, an extroverted self-conscious introvert. People saw what I wanted them to see. When they’d seen too much of the real me, it was time for yet another geographic relocation. I hid behind my addiction for decades. I was self absorbed, selfish, and horribly judgmental. I judged and gossiped so the spotlight wouldn’t be on me and my drinking. That doesn’t work by the way (in case you’re wondering). Once I got dry, looked at who I am and what my motives and intentions are, I could finally show up for others…they always showed up for me. I’m 1,136 days sober today. I think I’ll try to make it to 1,137. Happy Thursday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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