Sober Sisters Social Club Podcast at One Year

One year ago today, we (Nicole and Tammie) decided to launch a podcast to give some support to sober women during the pandemic, when everyone was so isolated. We had fun and sent it around to some friends, who sent it around to some friends… and now The Sober Sisters Social Club has been heard in 2,167 cities in 66 countries.

It’s a fun romp with some encouragement, experience, and tips sprinkled in (click on the podcast circle for links).

In only one year, we are privileged to create space for all of you in this wonderful community here on insta.

On June 21, 2020, we hosted the first sober sisters support group. We have made so many wonderful friends there, we forget we haven’t met everyone in person.

We are grateful. Thank you all.

In year 2, we’ll be releasing our first book (Don’t Drink Like My Sister!), unique sobriety gifts, and an advice column (stay tuned!)

Love you!

-Tammie and Nicole

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