Self Care Over Wine

Alcohol is intrinsically tied into my life; I’ve been aware of it as long I my memories go back. My parents snd their cool friends in bell bottoms, with cans of beer. The awkward middle school hangouts in some kid’s basement with drinking to help us all feel more grow up and less awkward. The huge parties on a huge college campus in the early 90s. Young professional happy hours. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, Memorial Day, Tuesday afternoon.

My perception has always been everyone drinks all the time.

That was handy, since I was so attached to alcohol myself. When you need a drink, you need a damn drink. It says so in al kinds of different words on our wine glasses, sassy tanks, sarcastic cards, and probably flippin tote bags.

It’s too much. I was trooping along with the crowd, “having it all,” and I was drinking too much and I couldn’t stop.

Now I actually take care of myself. I’m worth it. I’m much more balanced and healthy.

No thank you, liquid therapy. These days my self care comes from nurturing healthy relationships, sleek f enough, setting boundaries, exercising, having a supportive sober network, staying in my lane, and doing my best to do the right thing.

I appreciate the privilege I have to make good choices and create a better life. It feels way better than trying to pretend I was happy when I wasn’t.

Have a great week, sober family!

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