Something I didn’t learn in rehab (though I’m sure they told me). There will be times when I’m desperately dying for a drink. I may not even want that drink but I sure do want the escape from the chatter in my head. I have the tools to get through a trigger. Play the tape to the end, go to a recovery meeting, call someone in my network. My triggers can come out of nowhere it seems. A certain type of music can slingshot me back into the days I partied to that band. Passing a liquor store and desperately trying not to pull in. A break up, a make up, a celebration, a mourning. I can be triggered anywhere at any time because I drank everywhere at every time. When I get complacent in my recovery is when I get into trouble. My stress levels have been high these days and my sobriety program isn’t at its finest atm. I can’t be lazy about not drinking. It’s imperative to me to put my sobriety before anything and anyone else…if I don’t I’d better be prepared to lose it all. Selfish? Nope. Just self aware. When all else fails to keep me sober I remember this- you can not drink for just one day. Sometimes I need to just ride it out. The days add up and if I know only one thing in my life it’s this. I’ve never regretted NOT drinking. Happy Tuesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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