Sharing is Caring

Sometimes I forget not everyone thinks like me. I used to think no one thought like me. Then I got sober and realized I’m not alone, not at all. My story is mirrored all around me in the recovery community.

There are tons of recovery resources available today. There are extensive research studies. There are addiction experts from multiple fields working on alcohol abuse. There are programs of recovery, all different sorts. That’s all wonderful.


What helps me the most of all are other sober women.

One thing I was told that proves to be true over and over again is that hearing from someone who has been through the same thing can be the way to changing everything.

When I read the AA big book, I got stuck on a lot of sections. It’s not that I couldn’t understand it, but I couldn’t relate completely. The back of the book is filled with stories. All different people telling about their lives, and how alcohol played a role, and then what happened after stopping drinking.

That was the key that unlocked the door for me.

We are here, every day, telling our stories in the hopes that we can keep paying it forward.

The stigma is real. Talking about it dispenses the stigma. Sharing our burden makes it lighter. Collectively, we are stronger.

Have a wonderful day, sober family.

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