Do i look fat?

What is one drink going to do? Not enough for me. If I want the calories I’d prefer a brownie. If the drinking didn’t alter the way I felt then I didn’t see the point. I remember a night out in high school where we couldn’t get anyone with a fake ID to get us beer. We’d asked everyone and believe you me…we even hit up the sketchy older dudes. It just wasn’t happening. A friend of mine had taken one beer from her fridge and asked me if I wanted to split it. Even at 16, I looked at her like what sort of ludicrous idea is this? Half a beer? Don’t waste my time. It made absolutely zero sense to me. How fucked up would I get from half a beer? Not even close to enough. So why would I add calories to my diet with that? We ended up at a keg party that night so I was happy, I got all the calories I could’ve wanted and then some. As a very heavy drinker I never wanted any sweets. My alcohol intake was more than enough sugar in my diet. Today I could eat 8 Reese’s peanut butter cups and look for more. Does that make me an addict? Possibly. But I’d much rather be a chocoholic than a sad, broken mess of a “lady”. Happy Monday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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