Every time I’m in a funk it’s either because I’m living in my past or obsessing over my future. Every.single.time. There’s a reason we call the present the present. It’s actually a gift. I may not think that way when I’m getting a mammogram or am on hold with the insurance company for an hour. It is, though. I’ll never get that time back so it’s time to make the most of it. I remember reading a book yearrrs ago. Our mom, you see, has been giving us books like “a course in miracles” and “the autobiography of a yogi” forever. My sis and I have been known to shelf these gifts or (most likely) donate them without reading. This one passage will always stick with me, though, so apparently one of the books tried to sink in. I have no clue which book it was but it said, “when I am washing the dishes I am present. I’m grateful for the moment and know this moment will pass like every moment does.” I was like well damnnnn ok. Got to cleaning and still hated it- because I was focused on my negativity and future tripping. Now I actively try to be grateful for shit I don’t want to do. Dishes? Well good! Shows I have the money to have plates and the water and soap to wash them in. Internet issues? Sheewww! I don’t have to get online anymore today and I can spend time with family instead. Every single thing that I do has an effect. I’m not thinking I’m important or insanely valuable…I just know that if I look at situations with gratitude I’ll be grateful and pass that on. If I look at things like ohhh shit why me?! I’ll pass that energy on. I don’t feel like being a carrier of negativity. If I take a drink I’m sure to be a carrier of that negativity with some anger, bitchiness, judgement, and depression tossed in. I think I’ll live today in the moment. When I’m sober I have a fighting chance of doing so. Happy Tuesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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