What IS IT about the nice weather that screams to me HAVE A FUC$ING drink? A lot of it comes from my romanticized memories of festivals, concerts, beach and boat and pool days. None of them went without a ton of alcohol. If there wasn’t going to be alcohol there, I’d pass, thanks anyway. When I was in college we hung out in a parked boat in a parking lot all day. My parents were coming (from 6 hours away) for a parents weekend. When they got there I was still on that boat…7 hours later. Drunk as hell, annoyed that they were there, and obstinate af. All I kept saying was that I WAS BOATING DONT YOU GET IT?! What the actual. My poor parents. I get a whiff of cut grass or salty air or pretty flowers and my mind (still!) automatically goes to alcohol. Luckily I can think about where that one drink would lead me and it’s a purgatory I don’t ever want to return to. Life is too beautiful on this side of the insanity of my addiction to go back. Happy Saturday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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