Mommy Juice

Who knew that kid’s play dates would be focused on cocktails and wine? I didn’t. It’s also possible that I was hanging out with the moms who did drink. I know now that every mom out there doesn’t drink to get through a play date. We always had our wine-filled tumblers at the ready. Trick or treating? I’ll be sure to take a backpack with a few bottles, who knew how long we’d be out? Kid’s sporting events? Cooler in the car. Meet at the playground? Better toss a few back before we get there. Whatever the event, alcohol came with me. If I absolutely couldn’t have it with me I didn’t go. The Mommy Wine Culture is a multi- million dollar industry that is telling moms worldwide that we deserve it. They market to us with cute glasses and tank tops that help promote their agenda. If we see enough ads telling us it’s ok to drink around our kids with other parents, we think maybe it IS ok. It wasn’t ever ok for us, though. I refuse to end a play date with my head in the toilet embarrassed by my behavior. I don’t want to show the next generation that falling down drunk is normal. It’s so much better on this side. Happy Wednesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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