Just not taking a drink for a day seemed impossible to me. I never could understand how people who were pregnant or a designated driver could even stand being around alcohol without turning it up. When I was pregnant I didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t want to be around alcohol if I couldn’t have any…in fact, why the hell didn’t the world get sober because I was pregnant?! What’s wrong with them?! When I actually went an entire day (outside of rehab and left to my own devices) without a drink I wanted to tell the entire universe- I DIDN’T DRINK TODAY! When alcohol is an integral part of your daily routine and you don’t have any, that’s a huge win. I heard a story at a meeting about one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I guess Johnny (my love) Depp was stranded on a desert island with no rum and no way to get any. He had to make do. The person who told this story said that’s what he told himself every day for his first year of sobriety. He pretended he was on an island and couldn’t get any. Obviously he knew there was a place to buy alcohol on every other corner but he told himself there was none available. Whatever works for you is what will work for you. Early days triggers? I’d nap or work out. Nowadays triggers? I know they’ll pass and sometimes I just hang on. I do know this. Life without alcohol for me is living. Happy Monday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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