Any one of us knows how to get intoxicated. I was a professional for 30 years at doing so. It felt like a badge of honor at first to hear people say, “holy shit you can throw them down” or “omg I’ve never SEEN anyone drink that much and live to tell about it”. Most of the time I wasn’t exactly sure what they were talking about because I certainly didn’t remember what I did, what I drank, or who I drank it with. Close to the end of my drinking I was told that I told a very good friend’s young son that Santa wasn’t real. I wondered for days what I had done to piss her off because she wasn’t talking to me. In fact, she wrote then read about that during my intervention. These things helped me stay in the cups for so long. I treated my humiliation and shame with more of what made me do the insane things I did. Just to save you guys some time – that doesn’t work. It’s easy to drink in today’s world. Society basically demands it. It’s not a gift or a badge of honor to drink to oblivion. What is an incredible gift is to be extoxicated. It’s a radical thing to do in today’s world. I wa never afraid to stand out. Not drinking allows me to stand out and remember why. Happy Thursday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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