Did i flash you?

And can we talk about the oversharing?! I told the most random people things that I’d sworn I’d take to the grave. Once I was at a work party on a boat – a booze cruise if you will. I was wearing the cutest strapless dress and I thought I was SOMETHING. The next thing I knew, I was flashing a colleague’s 68 year old wife and asking her if my breasts would ever look the same again after a year of breast feeding my son. I somewhat recall the school nurse and her husband driving me home that night. I’m not sure about any of you, but the humiliation I felt after that at work was huge. Everyone knew everything and they sure were excited to talk about it. I’d laugh along with them at work, then cry into my wine glass about it at home. That humiliation helped me to justify my drinking. Sounds backwards, right? Instead of putting down the bottle (which helped me flash people), I drank more and more to numb the shame I felt. I thought the world was out to get me. Now I know that I am much cuter, put together, and confident when I don’t drink. Took me a minute to figure that one out but everyone has their own timeline. I was past due to get my shit together. Happy Thursday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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