I used to get so excited for big events where I would have something to celebrate. These events always involved partying hard and living to tell about it. One of my (many) problems, though, was that I’d get so excited a few days before the big event, drink way too much, and be hungover-drunk for the real thing. I went to New Orleans to ring in the year 2020 with a bunch of old Peace Corps friends. We got there January 30 and got crazy. Crazier than usual. So when the afternoon broke on New Year’s Eve (I sure wasn’t up before noon) I was hungover, anxious, and siiiiiick. I rallied but I felt like complete shit that night ringing in the new year. The next day was one of the many times I told myself to quit. I got sober in 2018 so as you can see, I didn’t follow through. As usual. I never knew how to handle excitement. I never knew how to handle grief, or loss, or joy, or anything serious. I’m glad that today I don’t have to drink to just be. I can be me (and just as wild) sober. It’s more fun and I remember everything I do. Happy Friday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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