Missing out

The things I was too afraid to miss if I was going to quit drinking are non issues today. There is not one place in this world where I’d get physically assaulted if I didn’t drink. I wasn’t afraid of that… I was petrified, however, to let anyone see me as different or broken in some way. Why can’t I just drink like everyone else? Why am I all or nothing? What if I don’t get invited to events anymore? At this point in my AF life, I couldn’t care any less. The fact is, no one gives a shit about my drinking, except maybe the people I’ve hurt- they’re the ones who care enough to help me stay sober. The friends of mine that still drink were never drinkers like me. They can moderate and still have a good time. When I’ve tried to moderate in the past I had a miserable time. I could only focus on how I’d get really fucked up after I got home. Alone. I’m not missing hangovers. Or alcohol seeping out of my pores. I’m not missing rehab or a lost license. I’m not missing the embarrassment and shame that enveloped me as soon as I came to. Life is beautiful on this side. Happy Wednesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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