I sure don’t miss people asking me if I knew what I did the night before. I’m eternally grateful that when I was in high school and college there was no social media. At least if there was going to be evidence it was on someone’s disposable camera which they’d never get around to developing the film from. Once smartphones and social media made their debut I was guilty of sending and posting ridiculous things while blind drunk. Facebook memories continue to remind me of this. What the hell was I thinking? I guess I thought I was funny. Or deep. Introspective. Or vulnerably open. What a bunch of shit. I wasn’t any of these. I was blacked out and shouldn’t have had access to a phone. No matter how many times I told myself I wouldn’t post anything “bad” or say anything “stupid” I always did. This typically went hand in hand with nights I’d met my new very best friend in the bar bathroom. Nights where I told my Uber driver how many people I’ve shagged in my lifetime. Nights I’d Snapchat my former boss and “tell it like it is” 🙄. One weekend I ran over my cell phone on two different occasions. Like the second time I ran it over was the new one I’d gotten to replace the one I ran over the night before. Maybe the universe was telling me not to use it while I was drunk. The universe always told me to stop drinking. I’d get those moments of clarity where I’d think that it was past time to go alcohol free. Then I’d take another shot and hide from that clarity. I prefer avoidance. Problem with that is that everything I avoid always comes back for me to deal with. It’s best for me to take these things on with a clear mind and body and breath that won’t peel off your car paint. Happy Thursday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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