My sister and I never claimed that going alcohol free was easy. It sure did hurt to let go. Alcohol was our bestie, something to count on when times were tough. It also helped us celebrate the good times. For us, it always ended badly. I didn’t have a glass or two of champagne at that wedding…I had six then snagged another bottle for myself (just in case). Our lives were spiraling out of control and we couldn’t seem to get our shit together. One thing we didn’t try, until we had no choice, was quitting drinking. Alcohol was like any effed up romantic relationship I’ve been in. I wasn’t happy but it seemed easier to stay than to go. When I stopped drinking I was so scared of what others may think or say, how I was ever going to navigate functions sober, and most of all, HOW COULD I LIVE WITHOUT IT? Welp, just like that toxic man (or men 😐🙄😬) I made a decision and didn’t turn back. I can be harsh that way. No second chances for the booze. I gave it 10,000 chances to allow me to prove that I could drink in moderation. I never succeeded. If I have one, I’m having twelve, plus a few of yours. No more hangxiety, shamesies, or purgatory. Life is too beautiful on this side. Happy Wednesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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