Our #sobersister @alystrong40 read an excerpt from @thesoberlush last night at our meeting and omgggggg. It was the best reading I’ve heard in a very long time and a lot of the women at the meeting could relate completely. It seemed as though she was reading about me. It was about a sloppy drunken woman at a barbecue. She was falling and making a spectacle of herself. In the book she said that the girl should know that she is loved. That we see her and we were her and we feel for her. I don’t need to be that girl anymore. We talked about how losing our identity as the crazy party girls is a bit like mourning a death. I didn’t know who I was without being wasted. I thought that’s what the people wanted. I am quite certain that they didn’t want to be my babysitters at the end of every single night. Another thing. I’m sI’ll just as (shall we say) eccentric as ever. I still do dumb shit and now I don’t have the alcohol excuse 😒😕😬. It’s a great day to be sober. Happy Friday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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