Losing time

It was a bit challenging waking up this morning, not going to lie. When I finally stopped hitting the snooze button and stopped feeling sorry for myself having to wake up at this ungodly hour, I took a second to be grateful for the life I have today. I’ve heard so many people share that they didn’t lose anything while in active addiction, they chose to “give it all away”. I did too. I gave away my joy, happiness, friendships, and memories. I gave away jobs, relationships, and most of all my integrity. I lost entire weekends. Even when I was “awake” and partying I sure don’t remember what I did and who I did it with. The morning after? Well that’s a joke. There was never a morning…maybe a roll out of bed at 12 and feel like complete ass for the rest of the day. The older I got, the longer the hangovers would last. That’s why I would “have” to start drinking again. I couldn’t stop my life for a hangover. No ma’am. Had to get cracking. One of the biggest issues with that, however, is that I’d have to stop drinking at some point. And when I do? Boy howdy. Those hangovers would last for DAYS. I went out this past Saturday night with some great friends. As I looked around the bar I noticed that 1. People start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a week early, and 2. I’m so glad I’m not that sloppy drunk anymore. The barflies where I used to hang out were the exact same as I’d left them three years ago. This week, at least, they get to wear green and use an Irish Saint’s name to justify it. Happy Monday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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