Sober is Better with a Crew

If you want to know how I quit drinking and started feeling empowered and much, much happier, here’s my formula.

~ I decided to be done. I did this when I was clearheaded and actually looked at myself and how I felt about my life. I knew alcohol had to go.

~ I told my closest loved ones about my decision, mostly to keep me accountable to myself, but their support was nice too.

~ I made a plan for what to do during drinking times (baths, meetings, walk, whatever).

~ I sought out sober people. It’s crazy! They’re everywhere! I tried all kinds of meetings to see if I there were any women I respected and enjoyed. It took time, but I stuck around and found people who were wonderful and smart (and crazy in all the best ways).

I’m in an amazing circle of fierce sober women. We look out for each other and get each other. They just got me through a breakup. Here I was confused, sad, and fearful, and my impulse was immediately to start calling my friends (taking a drink never even crossed my mind).

it’s about my emotional sobriety now. I need support to bolster me when I’m feeling wobbly. I learned how to ask for help, and my relationships are more real because of shared trust and vulnerability.

There’s a great many wonderful people out here. You are not alone. Reach out if you want support. We got this.

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