Foiled agaIn

I was talking to my boyfriend (or beau…right @leslienc813 😂) last night about a gig he has this weekend at a bar I’ve been asked to leave (at least) twice. I told him that it’s not my favorite place and explained why. The truth is, it’s not the bar’s fault that I was out of control and a danger to myself and others when I was kicked out. This man has never seen me drunk. It’s so crazy to me. Most everyone I’ve known in my life has known me as the drunk one. The crazy one. The up for anything kind of a girl. You wanna snag some booze from someone’s house party? Tammie will do it. You wanna type a drunken mean text? Ask Tammie. You wanna continue the party after the bars close? I know just the girl who will stay up with you. I thought alcohol and I were meant to be. I thought vodka and I would ride off into my last sunset together at 90 years old. Fortunately it became glaringly apparent that I wasn’t going anywhere good with that old compadre. I’ve been wrong before, or so I’m told, and this time around I was WRONG. Alcohol and I just don’t mix. If I ever think about going back to it I remember my last drunk. It was scarring, humiliating, and depressing…three words I don’t use to describe my life anymore. Happy Friday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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