Sober Women Don’t Play

Sober Women Don’t Play

If you want to know how I quit drinking and started feeling empowered and much, much happier, here’s my formula.

  • I decided to be done. I decided when I was clearheaded and took a minute to look at myself and how I felt about my life. I knew alcohol had to go.
  • I told my closest loved ones about my decision, mostly to keep me accountable to myself, but their support was nice too.
  • I made a plan for what to do during drinking times (baths, meetings, walk, whatever).
  • i sought out sober people and found a bunch. I tried all kinds of meetings to see if I there were any women I respected and enjoyed.
  • it took time, but I stuck around and found people who rocked my world in all the best ways (even when it was hard stuff) .

The last part, this amazing circle of fierce sober women, keeps me going. They just got me through a breakup. Here I was confused, sad, and fearful, and my impulse was immediately to start talking to my friends. Having a drink never even crossed my mind.

it’s about my emotional sobriety now. I need support to bolster me when I’m feeling wobbly. I learned how to ask for help, and my relationships are more real because of shared trust and vulnerability.

There’s a great many wonderful people out here. You are not alone. Reach out if you want support. We got this.

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