Not today

I don’t care for anyone telling me what to do. In fact, I lived many a year proudly announcing that fact. If you tell me I “should” do something it would be more beneficial to you to tell me to do the opposite of what you really wanted. When alcohol became my keeper I didn’t know how to escape from under it’s thumb. How was it that a liquid could rule my life? I drank against my will. I’d promise myself I wasn’t going to stop for that bottle after work only to find myself in the parking lot of the ABC store. How does that happen? I’d say I’ll have one and then the bottle would be gone and I’d wonder what the hell was wrong with me. I spent years of my life planning to drink, actually drinking, and cleaning up the wreckage of my drinking. As I heard the other night, “think about the cost of a drink”. The person meant that the cost of an alcoholic drink may be a few dollars but you’re also paying the cost of your health, damaged relationships, your dignity, and your reliability. I never let a man control me so how did this bastard get a hold on me? I’m currently figuring that out. All I know is that today I’m not taking a drink. I surrendered. Happy Wednesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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