Saying yes

We used to love watching the After School Specials in the 80s. They always had a lesson to teach about where your life would go if you made the wrong choice. We’d see a nice teenage girl say yes to a beer and end up ruining her life. The commercials would implore us to not be a Dragon Lady where a lady with a hole in her neck from a tracheotomy would tell us to never start smoking cigarettes. They had specials on drugs, underage sex, and cheating on tests. The idea behind these specials was a good one. They made them interesting and scarring enough for teens and tweens to be fascinated. My sister and I would swear we’d never become like any of those poor girls on the shows. The only problem was that when our friends offered us a cigarette or a beer we didn’t even think of the consequences. When she time came to “just say no” we chose to say yes. We’d rationalize it – everyone’s doing it, just a few won’t hurt, I’ll never become a drunk on the corner. What these specials didn’t show us was that regular, middle class moms were drinking far too much. They didn’t highlight the fact that many of our teachers were hungover on a daily. Our dads were drinking way too much in the bleachers at our games then driving us home. When we got to the point of no return we had to surrender. You win, Alcohol. We’re way too tired of battling you. Now we can focus on how to stay clean and sober a day at a time. It’s definitely the right choice for these sisters. Happy Wednesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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