The first time I heard someone share that’s they’re grateful to be an alcoholic I called BULLLLSHIT. Come the F on! Who wishes for that label? I sure didn’t . When I was 18 I got a tattoo of a four leaf clover on my foot. I told anyone who cared (and everyone who didn’t) that I’m half Irish and now I’ll carry the luck O’ the Irish with me wherever I go. 🙄 What a joke. The day I got this tattoo I got drunk, rode into Baltimore City with a girl I lifeguarded with at a pool, and decided to add a sweet tatt on my left foot. I can tell you that this tattoo didn’t make me a millionaire or a supermodel. Yet. 😂 Now I actually do believe I’m lucky to be an alcoholic in recovery. Here’s why. Because of my disease of addiction I was forced to look at who I am and what made me do the things I do. I was able to sit down and write out and share my character defects so that I could begin to address them. I followed a program that had me looking at my actions on a daily and apologize to people I’ve wronged. I know gratitude because I’ve lived in fear. I appreciate the little things because I took them for granted when I was in active addiction. The luckiest part of it all? Being someone to talk to when a sober alcoholic is struggling. We all need people we can rely on. I know I got the help I needed when I was newly sober. I’m lucky enough now to be someone who can possibly help someone else. So yep…I’m lucky to be a drunk. Happy first day of March, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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