Eyes on you

I never thought I’d be one for people to look to for sober support. Are you f*cking kidding me?! I’d be one to ask how to make a killer Bloody Mary, take shots without chasers, do keg stands, or drink a bottle of blue Mad Dog…but give sober advice?! Ha! The quality of my sobriety is based upon my spiritual condition. When I’m focused on my recovery, doing the next right thing, and trying to help another alcoholic my condition is solid. If I’m complacent, it’s not. I also know that I’m a professional drunk. Not something to brag about but! It helps other people. People can relate to my stories because they’ve been there. I’m not shy and I don’t sugarcoat any of it. Have I woken up in strange states or countries? Yep. Have I ruined countless relationships? Sure have. Have I driven drunk, gotten in fights, been kicked out of many a bar? That’s a yes, yes, and yes. I’d never think that I’d inspire anyone when it comes to alcoholism. Now I know that all of the damage I caused can help a person or two out of their toxic relationship with alcohol. I did the research. It doesn’t get better. Life is better on this side though. Happy Sunday, sober family! Keep it simple today.




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