At our meeting last night one of our sisters brought up how she used to have to go back into a bar the morning after and pick up the ID she’d left behind. I can’t believe I’d forgotten how much I used to have to do that. Waking up with hangxiety only to have someone remind me that yes, I did get kicked out of the bar, and yes they kept my ID and credit card so I’d need to go get it. The drive back to the bar was always filled with promises to myself that I’d never get that way again. I’d pick up my stuff, apologize, hand over a huge tip, and go home. At least I’d plan on going home. I’d tell myself that a Bloody Mary could fix all my problems and hangover. I’d just have one. Well…I don’t just have one of anything. Ever. I’d end up at the bar all day and buy drinks for anyone who wanted them. I’d spill all of my dirty little secrets to strangers. I’d take selfies with my new “best friends”. It invariably led to a night of a blackout and humiliation. Here’s the thing about my sister and me. We don’t do anything half ass. If I’m drinking, I’m DRAAAANKIN’. I can’t go back to that life of shame, guilt, and remorse. I like it better on this side. Happy FRIDAY, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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