Doctor jeKyll

Have you had people tell you that you become a completely different person when you drink? I sure have. My closest friends have said they can see that switch happening in me after I reach a certain point. That’s when I’d become a hateful, loud, obnoxious mess. I truly am like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. When I reached the point of complete obliteration no one could tell me anything. I was going to do what I wanted and when. I was going to say whatever the fck I wanted to and not give a sht who heard or who I hurt. One issue with that is that I gave a sh*t the morning after. Every time I woke up with a hangover the shamesies followed. It was hard enough to cope with how I felt physically but when I thought about what I’d done and said…it was debilitating. Why did I embarrass myself again? Why did I text that ex? Why did I email that boss? Why did I drunk dial my mom at midnight? I’d want to hide under my covers and forget it ever happened. One problem with that, though…the anxiety and panic would get even worse if I stayed in bed. I’m not to be trusted left alone with my thoughts. I don’t make perfect choices all the time now that I’m sober. I do know that if I drink, my choices will destroy me. Screw alcohol. I’m worth more than that. Happy Thursday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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