Ride it out

I’ll never forget the timeI was in detox and a new guy was brought in. He was hallucinating from some drugs he’d taken and was freaking out. Everyone was trying to talk him down and nothing seemed to work. Then this girl I became friends with looked at him and said, “look man. Sometimes you just have to ride it out”. He looked at her and nodded and finally chilled. Ride it out can work for so many aspects in my life. I don’t need to make snap judgments or decisions. I can finally fucking PAUSE for a minute. If I get triggered to have a drink I can ride it out. Feelings aren’t facts. There are so many suggestions I’ve heard in recovery to deal with triggers. Call someone in your sober network. Reach out to an alcoholic who’s still suffering. Go to a meeting. Play the tape all the way through (sure I’d like a few drinks but that’ll lead to 50 and I’ll wake up in jail). Pray. Exercise. Work on your 12 steps. Remember the last time you drank or used. All of these tools are fantastic. Here’s the thing, though. Sometimes I’m laaaaaazy. I don’t want to call anyone, not even my sis @obnicole . I don’t want to hit a meeting or work out and sometimes triggers would hit while I was at work. Those are the times I remember to ride.it.out. Nothing is permanent. Nothing. If I can get through a moment of uncomfortable feelings without taking a drink my life is pretty fucking amazing. If that means riding it out 17 times a day it’s totally worth it. Happy Wednesday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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