You know when you’re totally over a guy (or girl) and just can’t go on one more minute until you break up? How if he even tries to hold your hand you get the ughhhhs or your skin starts to crawl? That’s the point I got to with alcohol. Just seeing it triggered nausea. It’s not easy to break up with someone. It’s definitely not easy to break up with an addiction that has been a part of your life for decades. A lot of AA sponsors ask their sponsees to write a goodbye letter to their drug of choice. It allows us to actively do something (write a letter), then take some time to grieve over our former lives. I’ve heard many people say that they had to treat quitting an addiction like a death. They remember the fond times but never forget the horrific times that started knocking down their house of cards. Have you ever stayed with someone because it was easier than having “the” conversation? I know I have. It always ends up worse in the end. Sometimes we need to grow a set, face our fears, and heal. It’s even better to heal with some class and grace (like my sister). I may not be the classy one but I can say this. When I’m done, I’m FUCKING DONE. There’s no way a bottle is bringing me down. At least not anymore. Happy Monday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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