When I first heard about Dry January I was deep in my addiction and couldn’t fathom taking a whole month off drinking, especially in the winter! What else could I do on those cold winter Saturdays? Or Tuesdays..yeah or any day. Also I thought that it was crazy to pick a month with all 31 days! That made it even longer! My alcoholism didn’t pick and choose days and months to show up. Well I guess it did- every day in any month. By the end of my drinking days I’d force myself to get that first drink down so I could start to feel normal again. Sometimes I’d chug a beer then throw up…only to try again. Until I was removed from everyone and everything and went to treatment I didn’t have a chance. I couldn’t trust myself. For the first year after rehab I didn’t go ANYWHERE unless it was to work or AA. Now I can be around drinkers without any issues. It’s a good place to be. Sobriety has changed my life from the inside out. I wouldn’t trade it for a million dollars. Every day I ask myself if what I’m doing is supporting my recovery. If not, I’m out. Happy Sunday, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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