Thirsty thursday

It’s not Thursday’s fault that I used to party like it’s 1999 every week on that day. It started in college. There would be ladies nights and cheap beer on Thursday nights to “kick off the weekend right”. I can’t recall ever making it to class on a Friday. By the end of my not so illustrious drinking career it didn’t matter what day of the week it was. As long as the day ended with a “y” I was drinking. It’s not a way to end a day,…and waking up hungover a way to start a day. When I wake up now without the shamesies I know it’ll be a good day. Living in the purgatory of active alcoholism was too much for me. I had to surrender. I waved the white flag at alcohol almost three years ago and I’m not going back. Alcohol has taken down stronger women and men than I am and I didn’t stand a chance. It only took me a few decades to realize that. I’ll never win a war where my addiction is fighting me. I’ll never even win a battle. I’m finally free from the bondage of alcohol (that f*cking bastard). Happy Thursday Thursday, sober family. I think I’ll quench my thirst with some #perrier tonight. Keep it simple today.

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