What Mommy Needs is for Everyone to Stop Telling Her She Needs a Drink

I drank before I became a mom. I even binge drank sometimes. But once I had babies, the media and real people pushed wine on me like it was the antidote to the stress of motherhood.

When people brought me gifts after my babies were born (thank you, friends!), there were plenty of bottles of wine. And a couple sassy motto glasses, like, “I’ve Waited 9 Months for This,” “Mommy Juice,” and “Mama’s Turn to Wine.”

Years later, at the playground, I (nervously) joked with the other moms- is it wine o’clock yet?

Meanwhile, alcohol marketing to women ramped up, with fun new boozy fad drinks. Pink and sparkly! We deserve it!

Memes were going viral…

“They should make lunchables for moms, but with cheese, wine and chocolate!”
“Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can, and wine to accept the things I can’t!”
“If you combine wine and dinner, the new word is winner!”

Parenting is hard, no question. For this mom, the normalizing of drinking a lot while raising kids did me no favors. I used any excuse to give myself permission to slowly move the bar of what was acceptable, just a little at a time. Until I was drinking at least a bottle of wine every night and wondering: What was the point of life; anyway?If any of you are worried you won’t be any fun or have any friends, I can tell you 💯 of my sober mom friends say they’re happier, calmer, and have even more fun with friends now.

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