When I first heard people share that they’ve been an alcoholic way before they ever took a drink I thought they were insane. How was that possible? It took me a minute but I finally get it; especially because I’m the same. Yes, I have the disease of alcoholism. I also have the disease of more. I never understood the way normies drink. How and WHY TF would they only have one drink?! If I’m drinking I want to change the way I feel…thank you very much. If I’m going to add alcohol calories to my evening’s diet you better believe I’m going to get fcked up. It’s not about the alcohol. I’ve wanted more if everything since I was little. More milk, more juice, more candy, more cake, more shoes, more cigarettes, more shots, more weed, more pills. The list doesn’t stop here but you get the idea. I’ve always been one for instant gratification. If a few drinks didn’t get me there I’d keep trying until something worked that changed the way I think. I prided myself on my “pre-game” skills 🙄. Before hitting the parties in college we’d drink mad dog, smoke a little something, and hit the ground running. I also like “more” attention. Now I choose to get this attention in positive ways. Today you’ll know when I walk into a room but it won’t be because I’m shtfaced. I still want more though….
More happiness, more love, more serenity, more peace. Happy Monday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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