Today is cold and rainy here in southeastern North Carolina. It’s a perfect day to snuggle your loved ones and enjoy the gift of loving relationships. When I was drinking I didn’t have gratitude for much of anything. Valentine’s Day was just another excuse to drink. When I was single I’d drink to that or to hide the fact that I was lonely. When I was in a relationship I’d drink too much at our dinner to remember much of anything. Those evenings never ended well. If someone had told me years ago that getting sober would grant me so much more than not having hangxiety and health problems I wouldn’t have listened. Sobriety has given me the opportunity to notice, receive, and give love in ways I never thought possible. Alcohol didn’t love me and my body, spirit, and soul certainly didn’t love it. Why did I treat myself so badly? Why didn’t I give myself the chance to live my best life? There are tons of reasons that I won’t bore you with today, so I just would like to say that without sobriety, nothing is ok in my life. With it, I get the chance to live and and live the way I’m meant to. Happy Valentine’s Day, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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