Wine culture

I didn’t pay attention to the Mommy Wine culture movement. I was still neck deep in the throes of my own addiction to alcohol to notice it was a “thing”. Today it seems like that’s all I notice…the onesies for babies that say “I cry so mommy drinks”, the wine glasses that say “it’s wine o’clock”, the memes that say “keep calm and drink wine”. Coasters that say “bitches be sippin’” or “mama’s juice”. There are tank tops that say “step aside coffee, this is a job for wine”. The stickers, the mugs, the glasses, the memes are in high demand. Somehow someone turned this culture into a multi- million dollar industry. Here’s the thing. My sister and I can’t care any less if someone drinks. We don’t tell people that we think they have a problem and how to go about solving it. When someone asks for advice we give it (after letting them know that we’ll be 100% honest). It’s none of our business how or why someone drinks or doesn’t. We do know that Mommy Wine Culture isn’t cute. When my son was a toddler I made sure he knew that mommy’s “juice” wasn’t for him. I couldn’t stomach the possibility of him drinking my wine. I justified my drinking for many years and felt validated when I knew that other moms were doing the same. Something they didn’t do the same was drinking like me. Moderation means nothing to my brain. Once I start , I don’t stop. I have two choices in life: abstinence or purgatory. I never want to live in that purgatory of active addiction again so I think I’ll choose abstinence. Happy FRIDAY, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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