Stages of Grief When Quitting Drinking

It was hard for me to give up drinking because alcohol and I had a serious long-term relationship.

My tried and true.

The one who didn’t judge when I was a mess.

The one who made me forget my problems and lured me away from dealing with them.

The one who turned on me, and made me turn my back on my life.

I kept stopping drinking because I knew it was hurting me.

But I kept going back, looking for what we’d once had.

I believe relationships are developed for a reason, for a season, or for life.

My affair with alcohol had to end. I figured out the reasons I kept drinking and started addressing them. As for the season, it’s in the past, and taught me invaluable lessons.

It’s not a relationship for life. It was time to move on.

Breakups are hard. Breaking up with booze was really hard too.

I remembered the phases of grief and gave myself time to work through them. Because alcohol is dead to me.

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