Bitch switch

Have you ever seen with your own two eyes someone get so angry that they look, sound, and act like a completely different person? I had some guy friends in college who would get into fights when they got hammered. If I tried to talk them down it was like I was looking into a stranger’s eyes. There was no getting through to them. I’ve heard this said about me. Not about fighting, though I certainly wasn’t going to walk away from one, but about the fact that NO ONE, no matter who it was, could get through to me once I reached a certain point. I was laser focused on one thing – getting more alcohol into my body. I became irrational, angry, and judgmental. If I wanted to do something I did it. I didn’t care about repercussions or consequences. I didn’t care who I hurt along the way. In 2009 I was in a drunk driving accident where I was in the passenger seat in a Ford Explorer. The car flipped several times and I was cut out with the jaws of life and had emergency neurosurgery. When I came to in the hospital I was mortified. I kept thanking the nurses and doctors and several of them said, “whoa- you’re certainly a lot different than you were last night”. I had been meaner than a snake when I got there, combative and angry. I had no recollection of that because I was completely blacked out. I don’t know why that person comes out in me when I drink but I know one thing to be true. I don’t want her coming out again. Sober me is pretty solid…drunk me can stay where she belongs. In the past. Happy Monday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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