Super bowl

I’ve never claimed to be a big #football fan. Our dad was and we grew up with the Redskins – as they were known back then. As an adult, the Super Bowl has always been about the party and drinking for me. My friends would look up and prepare awesome food – dips, wings, apps, football shaped whatevers, and I’d get drunk. I never did want to risk my fullest buzz potential by adding food in to soak up the alcohol. No way. I’d talk throughout the game, ask stupid questions, and have to find a way back home at some point. The next day at work would be horrific but I felt a little ok about myself because for ONCE – EVERYONE ELSE WAS HUNGOVER TOO! It made me feel like I was normal. Everyone else wasn’t hungover every other day at work like I was but I didn’t want to think about that. People would talk about the halftime show or commercials and I’d play along while knowing that they knew that I didn’t remember a thing. It’s such a sad way of life…at least it was for me. Today will be my third sober Super Bowl. I don’t care who wins but I do hope to see #giselebundchen in the stands. I’m going to my man’s house, hang out with the kids, eat too much, and remember the moments. Happy Sunday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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