SOber saturday

Last night was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. I spent the evening with my son and some amazing friends, then hopped on zoom to celebrate @alystrong40 for her one year #soberversary . If anyone had told me three years ago that I’d be sober on a Friday night I would have laughed in their face. Sometimes I cannot BELIEVE that I live an alcohol free life. I don’t regret my past, though I do regret how I hurt people in my active addiction…but I do think about what my life may have looked like if I’d gotten sober when I was in my 20s. I really thought my life would be over if I quit drinking. I thought I’d have no fun, not experience anything incredible ever again, and never be happy with anyone or anything. Now I know that was how I lived when I was drinking. I was miserable. I didn’t go anywhere because I knew I’d make a fool of myself and truthfully because people didn’t ask me to anymore. Who wants to take care of a sloppy drunk? I started drinking because I thought it was cool and exciting and sophisticated. At the end, I was anything but. Today I woke up with a clear conscience. I remember what I did, who I was with, and what we experienced. I’m so grateful that I’m not hungover, anxious, irritated, or ashamed. I can show up for people today and be happy to do it. Happy Saturday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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