Waking up in active addiction was a nightmare. I started each day with a panicky feeling that needed to be addressed but I always had to take a minute first to see if I was still drunk or not. If I was, I was happy because it meant the hangover hadn’t kicked in yet and that I could possibly brush my teeth without throwing up. I’d then check my phone for any embarrassing or scarring evidence and to jog my memory. Then it was time to delete and if it didn’t seem too bad…time to text my friends and feel them out. My heart would be beating fast, I’d be sweaty and anxious, and wonder why I just didn’t drink. Starting my days that way was horrific. It was like I woke up with the fight or flight feeling. Either I’d avoid anyone who may have seen or heard from me, or I’d justify and defend my actions to everyone. Waking up like that doesn’t start an amazing, incredible day. It starts a day, for me at least, that kept me drinking for a long time. Now I can wake up happy and healthy… and live the life I’m meant to. Happy weekend, sober family! Keep it simple today.

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