Dump It

It’s always been hard for me to break up with someone. I’m such a people pleaser that I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I have moved to new states and even COUNTRIES so I didn’t have to woman up and dump that guy(s). I am an avoidant. After nights of drinking I’d avoid people who saw me, places I went, and any photographic evidence of my debauchery. When I dumped alcohol for good it felt like a breakup. I didn’t want it anymore but I didn’t know how to navigate life without it. I grieved my old life after putting the plug in the jug. I romanticized our best times and conveniently forgot the worst. I felt lonely, anxious, and depressed…but I was SO DONE that I just didn’t drink. I have an ex that I broke up with about 50 times; but I always went back to him because I didn’t want to cope with life on my own. I have no idea how many times I swore to myself that I was done with alcohol too, only to run back to it. It’s ok to grieve your old drinking self. It’s not ok (for me at least) to return to being her. Happy Thursday, sober family. Keep it simple today.

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